Norton App Lock

Norton App Lock

Prevent prying eyes from accessing specific apps of your choosing

Norton App Lock is a handy piece of software you can install on you Android. Normally this is not possible with the current operating system available, so this app represents a very useful solution for anyone worried about protecting their data.

There are many mobile apps out there that offer a range of useful services, but the data they store about you might contain information you don't want other people seeing, whether it be photos, fitness routines or even home security controls. Creating a lock code for your apps with this Norton product will ensure data such as this remains private.

Norton is a leading name in the world of digital security, with many households putting their trust in the brand's software products for mobiles, PCs and other devices. With this application lock, the level of security afforded to users is one Norton will be proud to place alongside their other tried and tested software products.

To use the Norton App Lock, all you need to do is add a pass code to any apps that you feel would be better off restricted. This could be for any number of reasons. Those who share a device with kids might want to prevent them from accessing certain games or videos, while others might want to protect their social media apps from being tampered with by friends. The lock is a 4-digit code that balances privacy with easy and efficient access.

Overall, there are many aspects of this Norton app that will appeal to users worried about their privacy. Rather than blocking a device entirely, it allows you the pick and choose what you want to restrict people from accessing, which is a particularly efficient way to protect your data.

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Norton App Lock


Norton App Lock

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